Chain M'Ale
The 2018 California Morris Ale

Presented by Rising Phoenix Morris

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Schedule and Tours

Friday 3:00p Arrival at camp is official 3pm.  You can arrive earlier, but do not arrive earlier than 1pm.
  6:00p-ish Those who purchased a home-cooked meal will be served.
  Afterwards Pick-up dancing starts as soon as there are enough dancers and musicians.
  8:30p Massed dance workshops (see special note on Massed Dance page).
Saturday 7:30a Breakfast at the camp
  9:00a Busses arrive and tours depart.  Lunch and people need to be on board and away by 9:15am sharp!
  10:00a -

Unfortunately, confirmation of the attendance of some sides was received late and is still not complete. The following is the working list for tours and participants. There may be last minute changes. Apologies in advance. Sides who may switch tours (to keep bus numbers equal) are marked “TBC”

Lionheart Tour
(Rising Phoenix Morris, Wild Wood, Belladona, Deer Creek, Apple Tree/Seabright, Fairhaven/Black Wren TBC)
Braveheart Tour
(Berkeley Morris, Two Rivers, Renegade Rose/Bridgetown Kichen Sink Molly TBC, Goat Hill TBC, Morteton Bay Fig TBC)
10a - 10:45a Ventura Care Center
11a - 11:45a Ventura Harbor Village
12.15p - 2.00p Constitution Park - Lunch & show dances
2:30p - 3:00p Oxnard Plaza Park (Earth Day)
3:30p -  5:15p Brendan's, Camarillo - pub stop
10:00a - 11:00a Atria Las Posas
11:00a - 12:45a Valle Lindo Park
12.15p - 2:00p Constituation Park -Lunch & show dances
2:30p - 3:30p Ventura Harbor Village
3:45p -  5:15p BJ's Brewery, Oxnard - pub stop
Busses return to camp
  8:00p Feast, followed by after-dinner entertainment - this means YOU (short skit/dance, song, poem, etc).
There will be games for sides to participate.
  Afterwards Dancing as long as you can keep the musicians awake (or on autopilot)
Sunday 8:00a Breakfast served
  9:30a-ish David James presents awards
  10:00a Workshops (details to come)
  11:30a Pack up, break camp, go home (if you must)
  Noon Be out of camp and on the road
Lunch and more at Brendan's Camarillo until you want to go home.
(Brendan's Irish Pub, 1755 E. Daily Dr, Camarillo)

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