Too Big to F'Ale
The 2012 California Morris Ale

Presented by Rising Phoenix Morris

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Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives and policies, risk considerations, charges and ongoing expenses of any investment product before investing. The following prospectus contains this. Please read the prospectus carefully before you invest.


There's going to be a whole lot to distract you from any financial concerns: pick-up dancing, workshops, touring, carousing, feasts, and consuming of mass quantities.  Now that's a balance sheet you can sell to the regulators.


The food at camp is designed for Kosher omnivores.  If you have any issues with this, please note that on your registration and we will do our best to accommodate you.  The more notice we have, the better chance of feeding you appropriately.

(UPDATE!  Menus were sent to those indicating special dietary considerations (vegetarians are just not that special anymore).  If the menu is unworkable, contact us ASAP, but it looks like everyone should be able to eat plenty of what's there).


Our own Nicole Carlson has invested her time and energy to put together a list of tune lyrics for use on bus tours, musical diversions, expressions of vocal, or when you just need to burst into song.  Check out the tunes for your return on investment.

Saturday Evening Feast

In order to guarantee prime rate entertainment at rock bottom prices, we will be calling on each team to provide some of the entertainment during the feast.  Please be prepared to share a song, skit, dance, toast, or some such entertaining tidbit with the rest of us (our thanks to the Mo'Backs for this "brilliant" idea).

Stuff to Bring

In addition to clothes (think layers) and such, bring bed linens or sleeping bag (beds are bunk house style mattresses), pillow, towel (you should always know where this is anyway), soap and shampoo (fragrance-free if possible, but definitely no lavender), alarm, clock (or cell phone or other ringy thingy to wake you up in time for breakfast), and your own personal mug if you'd like to cut down on waste (beer mugs should be non-breakable), flash light (to avoid walking back to your cabin in the dark) morris kit, instruments, and anything to ensure your (or someone else's) good time.

Things to be Aware of

This is a youth camp with bunk houses you will share with your teammates.  Bathrooms are adjoining and may be shared between two halves of a cabin.  Sleeping and bathing facilities are co-ed.

Dining and dancing (and maybe singing) will take place in the main hall.

**One of our guests is highly allergic to lavender.  Please refrain from bringing or using any personal products containing lavender for the weekend.  We also have a few folks sensitive to perfumes - your consideration with this is greatly appreciated**

We will have craft beers and cider.  The camp will provide sodas for lunch and we will have some water on the tours.  You may want to brining a refillable water bottle.  Any booze other than the above is BYO.

There is a wonderful seafood dive called Neptune's Net on the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and the street leading to the camp (it's also your landmark for the turn).  They close around 7 or 8 pm in the evening, so if you're arriving later and need for, look for it before you get here.  There's nothing else near the camp.  The site will have some light munchies our of us, but nothing resembling dinner that late.

Everyone who asked for transportation help at registration time should have been contacted.  If you need it and didn't hear from us, contact ASAP!



Here's the Saturday tours schedule:

"Lehman Brothers Tour"
Berkeley Morris
Renegade Rose
Goat Hill
Moreton Bay Fig
"Bear Stearn's Tour"
Black Sheep
Mad Molly
Rising Phoenix Morris
Wild Wood Morris
9.15am SHARP! Departure - Bus must leave on time
10am Camarillo Care Centre
11am Ventura Harbour
12.30pm - 2.30pm Lunch &Massed Show - the Mission in Ventura
3pm Channel Islands Harbour - Marine Exploratorium
4pm -  5:45pm Pub stop - BJ's Brewery
9.15am SHARP! Departure - Bus must leave on time
10am Victoria Care Centre, Ventura
11am Channel Islands Harbour - Marine Exploratorium
12.30pm - 2.30pm Lunch &Massed Show - the Mission in Ventura
3pm Ventura Harbour
4pm -  5:45pm Pub stop - Victoria Pub & Grill


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