Chain M'Ale
The 2018 California Morris Ale

Presented by Rising Phoenix Morris

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Mass Dances

Often the attending and participating teams at a morris ale dance different "traditions" or styles.  A common tradition at revival ales is to declare a few dances as mass dances for all teams to learn and dance together.  Since teams often have their own localized variations (such as in the videos), "official" versions of the dances will be taught on Friday night, but this should give you a rough idea.

SPECIAL UPDATE 4/13/2018: to reduce the time teaching massed dances on Friday so people can return to pickup dance, Banks of the Dee has been dropped from the Mass Dance list.  The other 3 will be given a quick run through, but it is hoped that most people have the basics from the provided videos.  Additional notes:

Dance Tradition Instructions ABC & Music notation Hear the
See the
Step and Fetch Her Bampton     
White Ladies Aston Border     
Sweet Jenny Jones Adderbury     
Banks of the Dee Field Town     

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