A Wabbit's T'Ale

(The 2005 California Morris Ale)

Duck Season! Wabbit Season! Duck Season! Wabbit Season!......
Wabbit Season! Duck Season! Wabbit Season! Duck Season!....... BLAM!

A collaborative effort by Faultline Morris, FFL Morris, and White Rats Morris

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Merchandise (cool stuff to buy!)

We are proud to showcase the artwork of Lee Thompson-Herbert in our ale T-shirts and Hankies. You can order these by contacting the registrar before April 6. We will also have some available for same at the ale itself.

T-shirts are burgundy in color, available in the usual sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL). They will have a list of attending teams on the back. $20 each (be sure to preorder to ensure your size is available).

Hankies are approximately 20" square white fabric. $10 a pair.

Need more info? 
Visit us here at http://TheCaliforniaAle.info/2005 or http://www.wabbits-tale.org