A Wabbit's T'Ale

(The 2005 California Morris Ale)

Duck Season! Wabbit Season! Duck Season! Wabbit Season!......
Wabbit Season! Duck Season! Wabbit Season! Duck Season!....... BLAM!

A collaborative effort by Faultline Morris, FFL Morris, and White Rats Morris

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Mass Dances and Workshop Notes

Here are the mass dances for the Ale, which we will be teaching on Friday night (see also the downloadable .pdf version in the Ale Info Packet):

The Sunday workshops include these additional dances:

Musical notation ("dots") for all of these (except Bacca Pipes) is also available.

Need more info? 
Visit us here at http://TheCaliforniaAle.info/2005 or http://www.wabbits-tale.org