The 2009 California Morris Ale

Presented by Seabright Morris and Sword

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Contact Information

Day-to-day grind got you down?  Confused about life?  Looking for guidance?  Need a new direction? - Then I suspect we're likely to be of no use to you at all...

However, got questions about the Ale?

Well then, step right up and contact one of our professionally trained and guilt motivated volunteers who well be happy to help you - no really!

General Inquiries -
Manager and owner of the Upsc'Ale Cafe
Most likely a front for a restaurant crime syndicate

Ale Registrar and Maître D -
Mail registration checks to:
Eric Voelkel / 1410 Dundee Avenue / Ben Lomond, CA 95005

Seabright Squire and Upsc'Ale Supervisor -

Website and other bad habits -

Tranportation and Ride Cooridnator -

Tour Guide and Concierge -

These and other members of Seabright - without their kit on (oh my):



 Craig and Stafford

Karen and Laura

Eric and Kirstin

Rowan and Steve

Need more info? 
Visit us here at