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Presented by Rising Phoenix Morris
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This year (2008):

What: Ale'ection Central

Who: Hosted by Rising Phoenix Morris, with Bedlam Bells Morris, Berkeley Morris, Black Wren Morris, Goat Hill Morris, Mad Molly, Moreton Bay Fig Morris, Renegade Rose Morris, Seabright Morris & Sword, Somerset Morris, Sound & Fury Morris & Sword, Wild Wood Morris

When: Friday, April 25 to Sunday, April 27, 2008

Where: Gilding Hilltop Camp, Malibu, California

Why: Because we deserve it and it keeps us off the streets (except when we're on tour).

Tours: Saturday, April 26, throughout Ventura County.  Sunday, April 27, in Santa Monica.  See the schedule for details.

Confused? Well, that's politics.  for more information


What's New:


  • Final workshop and tour details on the schedule
  • Sunday dancing has moved (no Brennan's).  Details at camp.
  • See this year's special guests, Somerset Morris, and read about the trouble they're getting into.
  • We're now part of the Los Angeles BritWeek celebration!



  • Listed attending teams
  • New campsite information, with maps and directions.
  • Answers to even more FAQs
  • Print out our publicity handbill

and before that...

In General (who am us anyway):

The California Morris Ale has been a spring time (April-ish) tradition for over 20 years.  It's a gathering of morris teams from throughout the state, the west coast, across the U.S., and internationally as well (we love to host our U.K. comrades).  We gather to dance, perform, and generally carouse, while sharing in that peculiar recreation known as morris dancing (but wait - there's more!)

Since the host, location, and website for the ale moves from year to year (usually back and forth between northern and southern teams), this website exists so that folks can always find the latest information by starting from the same place.

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